We create successful and useful marketing messages which can be sent to any place in United Arab Emirates at a very. We have exclusive mobile number databases which can be categorized as per your target market like age, Gender, Nationality or Salary ranges or city etc. since your marketing messages can be delivered directly to the mobile phones of your potential clients which make SMS Marketing one of the best tool for Marketing.SMS Marketing.

Bulk SMS Marketing in Dubai and Wider UAE
For Corporate and establishments in different business categories, marketing of your products and service is important to make sure that sales are on the right track to increase turnover and profits. With campaigns starting as low as 6.2 fils/ AED per SMS, our low-cost offer with direct access to our database which includes a huge number of customers all over UAE. You will successfully reach your target clients with targeted advertising by filtering by age, city, country, nationality, income, interest and a other categories.

BULK Messaging Service
• Target anyone, anywhere and anytime
• Reach mobile phones even when offline
• Non-invasive
• Viral by nature
• Supported by all GSM handsets
• Able to carry binary data such as images, ringtones and more
• Reach thousands of potential customers directly
• Send real-time, updated messages
• Easy, quick and low-cost method for a variety of purposes
• Dubai and UAE SMS marketing straight into the consumers’ pocket

Key Features of SMS Advertising
• Messages can be personalised
• Send with brand name as ID
• Multilingual support including Arabic and use of long characters
• Messages can be sent according to a schedule
• Online delivery reports for bulk SMS in Dubai and beyond
• Unrestricted with no monthly obligation
• API’s to integrate with own application
• No restrictions or monthly commitment
• Dedicated throughput
• Messages sent at a rate of over 20 per second
• Dedicated support through web, email, telephone and onsite
• Categorized database for targeted marketing strategies
• No obligation for quantity, zero monthly fees, zero charges for setup
• Send individual or bulk SMS in UAE through an intuitive web-based application
• Integration with your current online and offline applications
• Options to make text reply available
• SMS advertising in Dubai and UAE with your brand or company name
• Capable of sending in Arabic, English and numerous other languages
• Phonebook functionality to store and group numbers
• Messages can be sent to mobile phones through an internet browser

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